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you count fairly fourteen how many are our friend

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you count fairly.fourteen, how many are our friends? postnak and conroy, at least.then we are four, so, what of groot and shamhaven and jack wilbur? groot is a good fellow and a man who wishes to make money.and shamhaven will do almost anything for moneyhe once told me so.he took a sailor suit from a store in manila without paying for it.i know that too.the tailor was rich and didnt need the money, and peterson gave another coarse laugh.then we are sixto stand up for our rights.and jack wilbur will make sevenjust half the number on the can we count that wilbur in? he is a yankee.he is a weakling and we can manage him,and i think we can manage some others, toowhen we get that far do you mean? demanded peterson, although he knew about what was anybody else near here? no, and peterson took a careful look around.supposing we seize the shipin the name of the russian government? they have a japanese cargo on board, the captain cannot deny it.we can take the ship, sail her to some russian port, and win both prize money and it not a grand scheme? ha, that is fine! carl petersons eyes glowed voraciously.ostag, you are a man after my own heart! we might become rich! then you like the plan? yesproviding we can make it work.but it is a big undertaking.if we were caught we might swing from a yardarm for it.we can make it worki have another plan for that.i have thought it out completely.we canbut more later, and ostag semmel broke off abruptly, as several sailors entered the forecastle.a little later he began to complain in broken english to a sailor named jack wilbur that he was suffering from a severe stomach ache.sorry to hear on it, said wilbur, who was a very mild foremast hand.anything i can do for you? i dink not, answered semmel.i dink de poor grub ve git mak me feel pad.didnt notice that the grub was poor, answered wilbur.very poornot so goot as py my las ship, answered semmel.some grub here not fit to was soon noised around that semmel was not feeling well and that he had complained that the food dealt out at noontime had made him soon as captain ponsberry heard of this he went to interview jeff, the colored cook, who, as of old, was singing gayly to himself among the pots and pans of the ships galley.wasnt nuffin de mattah wid dat grub, capn ponsberry, exclaimed jeff, after hearing what the commander of the ship had to was jess as good as we always has.was it thoroughly cooked? yes, sahi dont low nuffin to go from dis yere galley less it am well cooked.are your pots and kettles clean? yes, sahyo can see fo yourself, sah.the captain did see, and moreover he knew that jeff was usually a careful and conscientious culinary artist who always gave the men the best his stock afforded.well, be careful of what you cook and how you cook it after this, said captain ponsberry.would yo mind tellin me, sah, who is kicking, sah? asked jeff, respectfully.semmel says he was made sick by what he ate.huh, dat scab! grunted jeff.he aint no count at all, he aint! and the cook turned away in looks to me as if semmel was trying to make trouble all around, said tom grandon, when he and the captain and larry talked the matter over.i never liked that man from the first time i clapped eyes on him, came from larry.hes a sneakand worse.i shall watch him pretty closely after this, said captain discontented fellow like him can upset the whole ship if he sets out to do it.they cant complain of the grub, went on the first mate.its as good as on any merchantman, and better than the law requires.i guess it was the deckswabbing that gave him the stomach ache, said larry, and this made the captain and grandon smile
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