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he now forever separates from his wife upon _amica

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he now forever separates from his wife upon _amicable terms_, nobody knows why.during their after lives they neither of them marry, and never speak disrespectfully of each other.he leaves her all the property, and often sends her money during his after life.this obscure and twice dismissed english exciseman, it is said, now goes to talk with benjamin franklin, minister at the court of st.james, for several of the colonies; and, by what means nobody knows, obtains letters of the highest commendation, as an introduction to america, from her greatest and most honored citizen.a few months afterward benjamin franklin places in the hands of mr.paine important documents, for him to write a history of the political troubles and a defense of the colonies.a mighty work, worthy of a greater than franklin! these facts stagger obscure english exciseman, whose life is yet a blank, who has never been an author, save perhaps of some fugitive pamphlet to demand more pay for excise officers, is _introduced_ to america, and is _solicited_ and _intrusted_ by americas greatest writer, thinker, patriot, and statesman, to do americas greatest work, and that work, too, which shall decide forever the fate of a world.franklin! by what mysterious gift of divination hast thou found thy man? is there no child of america among all the sons of freedom equal to the task? where art thou thyself? but the man franklin found had no need of books or his documents.this obscure englishman had the facts in his memory, the wrongs in his heart, the logic in his reason, and he thought for himself.his work was half written before franklin had furnished him with the necessary papers, and as a new years gift surprised the learned doctor with the first pamphlet of common sense.the appearance of this greatest of political works which has blessed a world, with all the attending circumstancesthe obscure life of paine, the few wild events connected with it, the unprecedented action of franklin, the introduction to the world of a profound thinker and almost perfect writer in the full ripeness of his intellect, and the beginning of an unceasing brilliant literary life _at its meridian_, are mysteries, save in this instance, unknown to history.common sense is a child of is the best of this great authors productions.he himself so considered it, for he directs that his tombstone shall bear the simple inscription, thomas paine, author of common sense.that thomas paine should have lived an easy, idle life, without any great effort in thought, study, or composition, for fifteen years immediately preceding the appearance of common sense, is what no writer, or thinker, or student, or statesman will believe.great works of genius do not come in this way, much less profound political writings.even inspiration would desert the connection.and that the proud, ambitious, literary adventurer, who shall dedicate his life to the good of mankind, who shall wrest the power from priests and the scepter from kings, should content himself to fill a poor and petty office under a king he despised, without some nobler object in view, and at that age too when the mind of man is the most aspiring, and drives to the greatest activity, is what no one who knows the heart of man, and the secret springs of action, will believe.but if it can be proven that thomas paine was junius, then will every blank be filled and every mystery dispelled.there is no external evidence, direct in its nature, as to the authorship of junius; the evidence is internal.that the secret did not perish with junius, no one can gainsay.but that he told it to no one, we are not at liberty to conclude.time has sufficiently removed us from the scene of conflict.we are not bewildered with a multitude of claimants, with an army of witnesses for and against; nor are we disturbed by the clamors of the public, and the hearsay evidence of this universal calm i will bring junius forth to speak for himself.statement.the time occupied in writing the letters of junius was just three years.the first one is dated january 21, 1769, and the last one january 21, 1772.they were written for the _public advertiser_, a newspaper printed in london, and were afterward revised and corrected by junius.the edition which he corrected contains all the letters of junius, philo junius, and of sir william draper, and mr.horne to junius, with their respective dates, and according to the order in which they appeared in the _public advertiser_.there are sixtynine in all.of these, junius wrote sixtyone; thirty the first year, six the second, and twentyfive the third these letters junius frequently defends himself over the signature of philo junius, which he deemed indispensably necessary in answer to plausible objections.on this point junius observes: the subordinate character is never guilty of the indecorum of praising his principal.the fraud was innocent, and i always intended to explain it.these letters were an attack upon the king and ministry, and a defense of the people, whose original rights had been invaded.if thomas paine wrote them, he was then an exciseman stationed at lewes, about forty miles south of london, and was just thirtyfive years old when he completed them.i will now introduce to the reader junius himself through his first letter, which was one of his most finished productions, and contains the germs of all the rest.i will give also the comments of chauncey a.goodrich, d.d., formerly professor of rhetoric in yale college.these comments are to be found in the doctors work, entitled _british eloquence_.i do this for two reasons: to let the reader see what high value is placed on junius by the learned who teach eloquence by example, and also that he may see the object, method, and style of junius.i shall afterward add my own comments on the doctors notes, setting him right when in error in matters of _fact_.this will fully open the question and prepare the reader for my argument.letter to the printer of the public advertiser
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