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tis truth, and he knows it too, my fine, fierce madam! what! have you dared to say a word, or drop one of your nasty, underhanded hints? cried jane.never mind, said gurdon, maliciously.ive not studied him all these years for nothing.perhaps i know something about lettersperhaps i dont; perhaps ive seen somebody savage about somebody else taking long walks, after being sulky and upset about whats to happen now after all these years; perhaps i havent seen anything of the kind, but i aint blind.i havent forgotten what took place six years ago, and now were goinggood luck to us!to have an anniversary.i hope everybody will be there to keep it, thats all ive got to say.oh, you serpent! cried jane, pale with bad, wicked fellow! youre like the scorpion in the holy bible, you are, that turns to rend the hand that fed it.oh! she cried, growing gradually more and more furious, to think that ive wasted all my best days about such a traitorsuch a cruel, malicious, spiteful, dirty storyteller!shame on you!how dare you, you villain, hint at such wickedness about my poor dear sweet mistress, whose dear heart is as pure as an angelsa sweet, suffering lamb? a sweet, suffering lamb, indeed! cried gurdon, savagely.yah! theres a pair of youshewolves, more likely.then ill be the wolf that shall shake such a nasty lying cur as you! cried jane, furiously.go down on your knees, you wickedwicked nastystorytellingvillainyou, or ill shake all the breath out of your body! in effect, beside herself with rage, jane had caught the butler by the collar with both hands, and at every word she had given him a furious shake, till, utterly confounded at the suddenness of the attack, he had really, to avoid the onslaught, sunk upon his knees, enabling her, though, to deliver the correction more effectually.say it was all storiessay it was all stories, cried jane.i wont: its all as true as true, and her take that, you wicked villain! shrieked jane; and with the full force of her by no means weak arm, she slapped him across the mouth just as the door opened, and a knot of eager, curious servants appeared.what is the matter? was the cry.let him say a word if he dares, cried jane, ending her punishment by a tremendous box on the butlers ears, to the intense delight of the lookerson.he told lies about me, and i hit himthere! said jane defiantly, and let him say it isnt true if he dares.then, utterly exhausted by her efforts, poor jane threw herself, sobbing, into a chair.oh, take me away!take me away! she cried; and two of the sympathising women ran to her, declaring that it was a shame, that it was; while the stout cook delivered her opinion that it would be a blessing if there wasnt a man left on the face of the earth, breaking poor womens hearts as was faithful unto death.whereupon one of the footmen winked at a very smart and aspiring kitchenmaid, who had whispered to him her suspicions respecting cooks possessing a similar weakness to mr gurdons, and requiring stimulants for the due invention of fresh dishes.its a pity that people dont know their places, said gurdon, sulkily, and keep to the kitchen and hall, instead of pushing themselves into the housekeepers room, where theyre not wanted.but somehow, the butlers words had but very little effect, for in spite of their knowledge of his engagement to jane barker, and her great influence in domestic matters with her mistress, john gurdons tenure at the castle was held to be in a very insecure state.nobody therefore stirredmr gurdons hint evidently not being sufficiently potent; so, with a scowl at the sobbing woman, he turned and left the room, to don a fresh cravatthe present one being limp, crumpled, and displaying very clearly the encounter in which he had been engaged.let them look out, some of them, he cried, wrathfully, as soon as he was alone.if im to be dragged down, ill pull somebody with me, so let them look out, thats all ive got to say; and with a savage scowl upon his face, he brought down his fist with a heavy blow upon the table by which he 1, chapter xv.the sapphire well marion looks, said ada norton to her husband, as, seated in one of the brilliantlylighted drawingrooms at the castle, they watched her receiving fresh guests, on the night of the party.the nortons had dined there, and all had gone off, so far, most successfully; people coming from a great distance just for an hour in the evening,an invitation to the castle being something not to be slighted.yes, she looks well, said norton, calmly.the old weary air seems to have passed away entirely.i used to think that gernon did not use her well, but, thank heaven, i believe i misjudged him.oh yes, i think so, said mrs norton, hastily.i am so much in her confidence that i think something of the kind would have oozed out, if such had been the case.and yet i dont know, she continued in a tone of reproach; marion has, like other people, her turned sharply round; but lady gernon approaching, the conversation ceased.mamma says you have not spoken to her tonight, ada, said lady gernon, whose face was flushed with excitement; and never had norton thought her beauty more regal than now, as she stood before him with a brilliant tiara of sapphires and diamonds in her hair, while the large cross of pure and costly gems rose and fell with the soft heaving of her extravagant woman! laughed ada, in reference to her cousins jewels.if i had those sapphires i should never dare to wear them.murray always likes me to wear them on these particular occasions, said lady gernon, carelessly; and, after exchanging a pleasant smile with norton, she moved away towards where mrs elstree was spite of himself, sir murray gernon frowned at the sight of that smile; but he turned away the next moment, to encounter his butler, at whom he gazed for a moment, and then, walking close up to him, he said, severely, i told you i should not look over the next occasion, sir.come to the library for your wages at ten tomorrow morning.john gurdons face broke out into a profuse perspiration as he heard that sentenceone from which he knew there was no appealand he darted a scowling look of hatred at his master as he turned away.for gurdon knew the justice of the decree: he had been drinking again.he had fought with the temptation, but the fine old wines, constantly to his hand, had been too much for him; and he had again succumbed, so that, as he stood there that moment beneath one of the brilliant chandeliers, in the midst of wealth and splendour, he saw himself beggared and wretcheda poor, outofplace servant, whom no one would employ on account of his potent vice.but a feeling of rage and hatred filled his breast the next instant, as he turned to single out his master; but he had disappeared, and with lowering brow the butler left the room to attend to some call.sir murray gernon had entered the blueroom, one of the handsome suite of drawingrooms at the castle, where he came upon a knot of his male friends, amongst whom stood mr elstree.he would have avoided them, but for some earnest mention of nortons name, that was made in a low tone, and in spite of himself he said hastily: whats that about captain norton? ruined, i fear, said mr elstree.those mines have collapsed perfect crashheavy calls on the shareholders, im told.we were remarking how calmly the poor fellow takes it
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