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indeedindeed silence madam i will have no scene

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  For instance, Tommy Pham let us think about another argument. Steve Jobs said in a speech, Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. After thoroughly research about Lockheed Martin, I found an interesting fact。
  What is the key to this problem? Chinese Proverb told us that, The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. This was another part we need to consider. Frank Sinatra said that, The best revenge is massive success. Albert Einstein said that, A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new。
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indeedindeed silence, madam!i will have no scene! hissed sir murray,, as my wife, hold those jewels in trust for me; and i should hold him who took them, even as a gift, as a robber of what is mine.sir murray gernon, you are mad! exclaimed nortonyou know not what you say, andhush! sir, no words.lady gernon has fainted! book 1, chapter encounter.sir murray gernon had expressed a desire that there should be no scene, but his wish was of no avail, for in a few moments an excited group had collected round his wife.salts, vinegar, and cold water were sought and applied; but, fortunately, one of the guests was the medical adviser of the family.bed, sir murrayempty housequietand, he said, meaningly, all going well, i may be able to offer you congratulations before morning.half an hour after, the house was vacated by the last guest, and before morning had dawned the tidings were borne to sir murray gernon that his lady had given birth to a daughter, but that from her ladyships critical state dr challen wished for further advice, and for a fellowpractitioner to share the burden of his responsibility.messages were sent; and in the course of a few hours there was a consultation held respecting lady gernons statea consultation over which the medical practitioners shook their heads solemnly.the child was healthy; but its mother still existed, that was all.mrs norton was at her side, where she insisted upon staying for days, in spite of a request from sir murray that she would leave; and now it was that for the first time she heard of the loss of the jewels from jane barker, who told her, with many sobs, that gurdon had been suspected by sir murray, who had sent for a constable; but after having him searched that morning, his wages had been paid him, and he had been discharged, threatening horrible things.and oh! maam, whispered jane, you were always like my dear ladys sister; if you should hear anything said about her, it isnt wont believe it, im know i should never believe words uttered by an angry servant, jane, was the reply; and if you take my advice you will be silent.i would, maam; and i should not have said a word now, only gurdon went away full of such threatenings, and talked so loudly, that i was afraid it might come to your ears without preparation, for he spoke of captain norton, and silence, woman! exclaimed ada, fiercely, as she caught the startled maid by the dare you bandy about such talk!i will not hear another word.jane stopped, gazing aghast at her mistresss cousin, as, with her hands pressed upon her bosom, she seemed to be striving to keep back the painful emotion which oppressed her.dont be angry with me, maam, please.jane whispered humbly.i would not have spoken had i known.mrs norton made her a motion to be silent; and for awhile the girl stood watching her agitated countenance, as she strove to conquer her emotion.she was herself unsuspicious to a degree.she had full faith in her husband, but now thick and fast came blow after blow.she found how calumny was at workhow sir murray gernons name was talked of in connection with her husbands, and at last she felt that for his sake, much as she loved her cousin, her place was at his side; for once more in her life there came the shuddering dread of a great evil, and obtaining from jane a promise that if her mistress grew worse she should be informed, she returned to the was evening when she reached home, to find the servant looking excited, while, as soon as she entered the house, the sound of a loud and angry voice reached her ear.who is in the drawingroom? she hastily inquired of the servant.ohm, im so glad youve come, ejaculated the girl.its sir murray gernon.for a moment ada felt as if she could not proceed.her heart accused her of neglecting home for the past few days, and she told herself that, with the rumours she knew of floating around, she ought not to have stayed away.but at last, with an effort, she hurried forward, opened the door, and entered the room just as, with a cry of rage, sir murray gernon raised the huntingwhip he held in his hand, and struck her husband furiously across the! he exclaimed.i gave you the chance of meeting me as a gentleman, and you refused, driving me to horsewhip you as the scoundrel and thief you are.ha! he paused, for ada norton was clinging to the arm that held the whip, while her husband was he a coward?was that the man of whose daring she had heard in india, performing deeds of valour that had been chronicled again and again in the despatches sent home?she was no lover of strife, but it was with something akin to shame that she saw her husband stand motionless, with one hand pressed to the red weal across his face.he was very pale, and the old scar and the new seemed to intersect one another, the latter like a bar sinister across honourable quarterings.he was trembling, too, but it was with a sigh of relief that she heard him break the silence at last.sir murray gernon, he said, in a cracked voice that she hardly knew, when your poor dying wife came here with you, we walked through that window into the garden, where, in memory of our old love, she made me swear that i would never injure you, a promisei hardly know whythat, though i made, i never even mentioned to my wife.sir murray laughed scornfully.i tell you now again, in the presence of my wife here, that your suspicions are baseless, that you wrong lady gernon most cruelly; and that, but for the fact that you dared call mea poor, but honourable soldierthief, your last charge is so contemptible that it would not be worthy of an answer.go now and try to undo the wrong you have done.thief! robber! he exclaimed, excitedly.who was the thief of my loveof my life?but there; i have done, he said, calmly.i thought, he continued, tenderly, that hope was crushed out of my existence; that there was to be no future for me.that day, when i cast myself down in the churchyard with the feeling of despair heavy upon me, it seemed as if, with one harsh blow, my life had been snapped in two.and it was nearly so; but heaven sent his angel to save me, and to prove that there was hope, and rest, and happiness for me yet in this world.ere he had finished speaking ada had thrown herself into his arms, and was looking proudly in his scarred face.sir murray gernon, he continued, after an instants pause, i refused to meet you, and i have now told you the true reason for my having done this world we shall probably never meet again.our paths lie, as they ought, in different directions
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