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that would be worse than being left to drown hast

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that would be worse than being left to drown! haste, i say! exclaimed the man, speaking rapidly and excitedly as he caught up another quilt and cast it over sybils form, and hurried with her towards the open window.there was indeed the most pressing need of haste, for more reasons than one: the rising waters were now oozing through the stone walls and covering the floor inside, while outside the flood was almost up to the window a very few moments it would overflow the place.raphael laid the child down where he had been told to put her, and then ran back into the cell to help miss tabby, who had faithfully taken the oath required of her.the elder man laid his insensible burden in the boat, and then climbed in after her.the last was a difficult feat, for the water was brimming to the window sill, and the boat was above the man stepped into the boat, his weight caused it to tip so much that it cast a shower into the cell.miss tabby shrieked out that she was going to be drowned, although not a drop of water had touched her.raphael soothed her and helped her into the boat, and put her in a seat near the elder man.thats the thing! now do you support this ladys head on your lap, for i shall have to row, said the man, as he transferred sybil berners from his own arms to miss tabbys, and then took up the oar.raphael took up the other oar, and they were rowing away from the prison walls when their attention was attracted by the sound of a dogs whining in the cell.they looked up and saw sybils little skye terrier on the window sill, with her forepaws in the water.and at the same instant little nelly struck out, swam towards them, jumped into the boat, and nestled at her mistress feet.the rain had ceased, and the clouds were breaking away from the eastern horizon, where the first crimson streak heralded the rising sun.they rowed swiftly towards the heights, which now appeared not so much like the boundaries of a valley as the hilly shores of an inland sea.yes, the black valley seemed indeed transformed into a black lake, surrounded with wooded hills, and dotted with wooded isles; but these seeming hills were really mountains, and these seeming isles were the tops of submerged trees.they rowed to the nearest point of land and stopped the boat, where a little path led up the steep you see that path? inquired the elder man of the old woman.yes, my dear gentleman, i do, said miss you know where it leads? yes, my dear gentleman; it leads to a cluster of quarrymens cottages.then get out of the boat and go up there; there you will find shelter.but, my good sir, my sick lady? inquired miss tabby, hesitating.never mind her.she will be a blamed sight better taken care of by us, than she has been lately by any of you! come, get out with you! but, sir, i darent desert my sick blest, if you dont get out of this boat in double quick time, if i dont pitch your head foremost into the water, and drown you.we have no time to stop here fooling with you till it is broad daylight, said the man, starting to his feet as if about to put his threat into instant execution.miss tabby jumped up and scuttled out of the boat as fast as she could go, without even having stopped to kiss her lady goodbye.and this was the last miss tabby saw or heard of sybil berners for many long years.chapter xxvi.after the disaster.that flow strewed wrecks about the grass; that ebb swept out the flocks to sea.a fatal ebb and flow, alas! to many more than mine and me.jean ingelow.the day after the terrible disaster the sun arose upon a scene of awful desolation! great was the devastation of lands and dwellings, and the destruction of life and property, by the memorable black valley flood! the black valley itself, from its very form, position, and circumstances, seemed doomed to suffer tremendously from such a was a long, deep, and narrow valley, shut in by two high mountain ridges, which, interlocked in rude rocky precipices at its higher extremity, where the black torrent, dashing down the steeps, formed the head of the black river, which, fed by many other mountain springs, ran down the whole length of the valley, and past the village of blackville at its lower the fatal deluge of rain, all the mountain springs were raised to torrents, and the black torrent was swollen to a cataract, and all poured down vast floods of water into the black river, which rose and overflowed its banks even to the mountains side; so that the black valley became a black lake.the advance of the day, and the retreat of the waters, showed at length the full extent of the disaster.the dwellings in the valley, and in the village at its foot, were nearly all swept away.only the strongest buildings, and those on the highest grounds, escaped destruction.the hotel, the courthouse, and the church, were each damaged, but not destroyed.the prison was carried away, and several of the prisoners drowned.the family of dr.hart were saved.though more than once submerged, they clung to the floating roof, until they were carried down into calmer waters, where they were picked up by the men who were out in boats to rescue the drowning.the black hall manor suffered severely.the hall itself was too strongly built, and upon too high ground, to be even endangered; but its detached offices and laborers cottages were swept away by the flood.their inmates happily had saved themselves by speedy flight up the mountain side, and were found the next day safe at black hall, where they had taken refuge.but the sunlight also discovered many more wretches made homeless by the flood, and now sitting and shuddering upon the rocks, up and down the mountain sides.but the dwellings of all those who had been so fortunate as to escape injury by the flood, were freely opened to receive the homeless was late in the day before the condition of the ground enabled lyon berners, attended by some villagers, to seek the site of the late prison
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