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georges bloomsbury williams was his assistant and donaldson was charged as an accomplice they wer

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georges, bloomsbury; williams was his assistant, and donaldson was charged as an accomplice.they were prosecuted before sir john hawkins at the guildhall, westminster, in december, 1777, for stealing the body of mrs.jane sainsbury, who died in the previous october, and was buried in the st.georges burialground.holmes and williams were sentenced to six months imprisonment, and to be whipped on their bare backs from the end of kingsgate street, holborn, to dyot street, st.giles.the sentence, says benson, was duly carried out amidst crowds of wellsatisfied and approving spectators.the woman donaldson was acquitted.the ranks of the resurrectionmen were largely recruited from the keepers of burialgrounds.when these men had lost their situations for connivance at the stealing of bodies, they naturally joined their old associates, and became part of the regular gang.the bribery of the custodians will account for the large number of bodies often obtained in one night.had there been the slightest vigilance on the part of the authorities, it would have been absolutely impossible for the resurrectionmen to have spent the time necessary for their work without detection.the amount of time required for the work depended greatly on the man told bransby cooper that he had taken two bodies from separate graves of considerable depth, and had restored the coffins and the earth to their former positions in an hour and a half.another man said that he had completed the exhumation of a body in a quarter of an hour; but in this instance the grave was extremely shallow, and the earth loose and without stones.if much gravel had to be dug through, the resurrectionmen had a peculiar way of using their spades, so that the gravel was thrown out of the grave quite noiselessly.on thursday, february 20th, 1812, the diary tells us that 15 large bodies and one small one were obtained from doubt this was simplified by the custom of burying several paupers in one obtain these it was necessary to dig all the earth out, so that each coffin could be dealt with; the men generally worked very soon after a funeral, and so the earth was much more easily moved than it would have been if they had been obliged to dig through undisturbed ground.when only one body was to be had, a small opening was dug down to the head of the coffin, which was then broken open, and the body was pulled up with a rope, fastened either round the neck or under the a memoir of thomas wakley, the founder of _the lancet_,[13] the following account of the _modus operandi_ of the resurrectionmen is given: in the case of a neat, or not quite new grave, the ingenuity of the resurrectionist came into play.several feetfifteen or twentyaway from the head or foot of the grave, he would remove a square of turf, about eighteen or twenty inches in diameter.this he would carefully put by, and then commence to mine.most pauper graves were of the same depth, and, if the sepulchre was that of a person of importance, the depth of the grave could be pretty well estimated by the nature of the soil thrown up.taking a fivefoot grave, the coffin lid would be about four feet from the surface.a rough slanting tunnel, some five yards long, would, therefore, have to be constructed, so as to impinge exactly on the coffin head.this being at last struck (no very simple task), the coffin was lugged up by hooks to the surface, or, preferably, the end of the coffin was wrenched off with hooks while still in the shelter of the tunnel, and the scalp or feet of the corpse secured through the open end, and the body pulled out, leaving the coffin almost intact and unmoved.the body once obtained, the narrow shaft was easily filled up and the sod of turf accurately replaced.the friends of the deceased, seeing that the earth _over_ his grave was not disturbed, would flatter themselves that the body had escaped the resurrectionist; but they seldom noticed the neatlyplaced square of turf, some feet away.a somewhat similar account is given in the _memorials of john flint south_.[14] this method is also referred to by bransby cooper,[15] who states that it was told him by one who fancied he had found out their secret, but had, no doubt, been deceived by some of them purposely.bransby cooper also says that he asked one of the principal resurrectionmen as to the feasibility of this method, and the man showed him several objections to it, and stated that it would never do.this statement was made after the resurrectiondays were over, when there could be no advantage in keeping the true plan must be remembered that there were some amateur bodysnatchers, and that it was not at all unlikely that the regular men would tell to them a plan as full of difficulties as that quoted make the tunnel as described, would be impossible, and it is somewhat difficult to see how grapplingirons were fastened to the coffin; a man could hardly get down a tunnel 18 diameter and 15 feet in length to do this; if he did succeed, his difficulties in returning must have been still pull a body out of the head or foot of a coffin, as described, is an allowance is made, either, in digging the tunnel for obstacles, in the shape of intervening graves or regards the evidence on the surface of a grave having been disturbed, it would be greater in one opened in this manner than if the recentlydisturbed earth had been again dug would be impossible to get back into the tunnel all the earth dug out in the course of its construction, and this loose earth would at once attract attention.generally, bodies were removed before the graves were finally tidied up, so that it was difficult to notice a fresh disturbance.the writer of the diary was a cemeterykeeper when he first began his resurrection proceedings; his _modus operandi_, in some cases, was to take the body out of the coffin, and place it in a sack, before he began to fill in the grave.then, as he gradually threw the earth in, he kept pulling the sack to the surface, so that when his work of filling in was completed, he had the sack close to the top of the grave.he had then only to wait until night, when he was able, under cover of the darkness, to remove the body without fear of detection.when the resurrectionmen had been successful in their nights work, they were glad to find a temporary shelter for the bodies, as near at hand as possible.this was generally an outhouse belonging to one of the schools which they regularly supplied; the men were permitted to place the bodies there for the night, and to fetch them away the next day.this explains some of the entries in the diary, such as took the whole to , and the next day, removed the whole from.before removing any of the bodies, the men would find out exactly where they were wanted, and so would save much risk of being arrested with the bodies in their possession.if the following broadside could be believed, the resurrectionmen sometimes performed a valuable service to those who had been buried miraculous circumstance: _being a full and particular account of john macintire, who was buried alive, in edinburgh, on the 15th day of april, 1824, while in a trance, and who was taken up by the resurrectionmen, and sold to the doctors to be dissected, with a full account of the many strange and wonderful things which he saw and felt while he was in that state, the whole being taken from his own words
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