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in his note he told agatha of his unanswered inqui

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in his note he told agatha of his unanswered inquiries, and of the great uneasiness he felt concerning her health.finally he begged her to relieve his anxiety by sending a line in reply.xxxii _in righteous wrath_ the grounds about the oaks mansion were much more extensive than was customary on virginia plantations.the late owner, agathas father, had cherished the forest growths jealously, permitting no tree to be cut that could in any wise be preserved, and forbidding the encroachment of the lawns immediately about the house upon the wild woodland growths that bordered and surrounded was agathas delight on windy autumn days to wander in these woodlands, and on this morning sam encountered her quite half a mile from the house.she was hatless, and the wind was taking what liberties it pleased with her thickgrowing hair, while she, having turned child again in her enjoyment of the brilliant, gusty morning, was wading about in the depths of the fallen leaves, delighting her soul with their rustling.sam delivered his note and she read it.instantly the child spirit in her took flight and she became the strong, resolute, selfcontained young woman that she had learned to be during the storm and stress period of her recent life.her sudden access of dignity did not spare even an officer in battle issuing his orders, she turned to the negro boy and said: return to your master at once.tell him you met me far from the house.say to him that i am almost as well as ever, and that i will answer his note during the day.there.go now, and deliver the message as i have given it to you hear? sams face grew long, as he turned about, and agatha caught sight of it.she was in a mighty rage, but not with sam.she bethought her that the boy had misunderstood, to the injury of his feelings, so she called to him, and added: i did not mean to speak sharply to you, dont deserve any but kindly words.i was thinking of something are you since you got back to warlock, and tell me truly how your master is.thank you, mis agatha, answered the boy, his face all smiles again, mas baillie hes agittin as lively as a spring chicken what dont mean to be ketched.he rides every day now, an dont he jes eat! hell be all right in a week or two, yo may be fer sam, he aint never nothin else but well, specially now dat we done git away from dem yankees an back to warlock agin! nevertheless sam grew distinctly melancholy as he rode homeward, repeating his message time and again in order that he might deliver it correctly.the message seemed to him unduly curt, and certainly the note he had delivered seemed somehow to have angered agatha.sam wondered how and why, and he grieved over the circumstance, too, for sam had taken the liberty of making up his mind that agatha would make an ideal mistress at warlock, and that the master of warlock was planning some such destiny for her.her message and her manner suggested that she resented all this, and that his masters hopes, which he took for granted, were likely to be disappointed.baillie pegrams interpretation of the message when it was delivered to him did not materially differ from that which sam had put upon it.she resents the liberty i have taken, he thought, in writing to her directly.she has forbidden her aunts to reply to my inquiries made through them.she has sought in that way to tell me, by indirection, that the old family war between herself and me still endures; that all her suffering and sacrifice in ministering to me was inspired solely by a sense of duty; that she wishes now to end our intimacy as she did two years ago.clearly that is the state of the case, and she is naturally angry now that i have forced an attention upon her which compels her to tell me directly what she had meant me to infer.what an idiot i was to do that! in the meanwhile agatha had walked rapidly to the the beginning of her journey she indulged her indignation freely.she rehearsed all the bitingly sarcastic things she meant to say to her aunts, all the defiance she intended to hurl at their helpless heads.but as she spent her superfluous vitality in brisk walking, she recovered her selfcontrol.i will not scold, she resolved.that would be undignified.i will be calm and courteous, saying as little as may be necessary to let them see my displeasure.they have grievously compromised my dignity by what they have done.i must not sacrifice what remains of it by a petulant outbreak.they have treated me like a child in pinafores, who must be restrained lest she misbehave.i must show them that i have outgrown pinafores.i must prove myself incapable of childish misbehaviour.firm in this determination, she entered the house with baillie pegrams note in her hand, and upon joining her aunts before the library fire, she said quite calmly: i have a note from captain pegram, who has got a notion into his head that i am seriously ill, and that you are concealing the fact from his friendly knowledge.he tells me he has twice asked you for news of me, and you have made no response.of course you forgot to mention in your notes that i am quite well again.the ladies looked at each other with troubled eyes.presently one of them spoke: no, dear, we did not forget.we have only been mindful of proprieties which mr.pegram seems strangely to forget or ignore
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