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it was necessary in those days to think of a railw

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it was necessary in those days to think of a railway journey as a formidable undertaking for any but the strongest persons.there were no such things known then as sleepingcars, or drawingroom cars.the railroads were badly built, with the rails spiked down to loose ties, and in no way joined together at their ends.the cars were coupled together by chain links, and operated with handbrakes, so that when a train was stopping, there was a jolting which in our day would be deemed virginia at that time there was the additional discomfort of laminated iron rails, and cars badly out of repair.but agathas courage had come back to her now, and she was eager to complete her journey as speedily as marshall sent the carriage back to its owner, and with agatha, took the first train for lynchburg, whence another railroad would convey them to their destination.there was very little of conversation between the two as they travelled, for the jarring and the rattle of the disjointed train, as it jolted over its intolerably illkept roadbed, made talking difficult and hearing wellnigh impossible.but during the long pauses at the stations agatha related the story of her adventures, with something of that relish which one always feels in telling of experiences past, which were anything but relishful at the time of their occurrence.better still, the two friends talked much of baillie pegram, a subject that enlisted the sympathetic interest of both, and drew them closer than ever together as friends.the good ladies of the oaks welcomed agatha with all of tenderness that their dignity would permit.they deeply disapproved of all that she had done, of course, but they reflected that she had suffered much, and as she was not now strong they forebore to emphasise by words of censure the condemnation which they could not avoid manifesting in their manner.agatha did not much mind their disapproval.this was one of the cases in which, feeling that her conduct had been altogether right, she was not troubled by the contrary opinions of others.moreover she had other subjects to think about.captain pollard went at once to warlock, after delivering his charge into her aunts hands, and on the next day, when he visited the oaks to ask concerning her, he reported that the master of warlock had reached home and was still rapidly gaining strength.this news gave agatha a little shock.she had intended, as we know, to take herself out of captain pegrams life as quickly and as completely as possible, and now circumstances had forced her to place herself near to him again.she knew that as soon as he should be able to ride, ordinary courtesy would compel him to visit her, andwell, she did not want him to do that.she felt herself in the position of a woman who has purposely placed herself in the way of inviting attentions, or at least has suffered herself to be so placed.she had done nothing of the kind, of course.indeed, she had had no choice in the matter, but the very thought that baillie pegram might so interpret her course, distressed her greatly, in her still nervetortured condition.she cared nothing whatever for what others, including her aunts, might think of the matter, but the thought that baillie pegram might misunderstand was intolerable.her aunts added to her embarrassment by adopting a course which plainly showed that they entertained a fear identical with her own.they sent a note to warlock every day, inquiring concerning the health of that plantations master.they made these notes as coldly formal as stilted rhetoric could contrive, and they were at pains to read the missives to agatha before sending them.why do you do that? she asked, when the second days note was read.there was almost a querulous tone in her protest.why, it seems to us proper, dear; we want you to be assured that we make no mention of your presence here, but take the utmost possible pains to show captain pegram how entirely you are at that point agatha rose to her feet and looked indignantly at her relatives.for a moment there was danger of an outbreak of offended pride, but by an effort the girl controlled herself and said, simply: please dont do it any more.i shall feel hurt if you offer again to read to me anything you may have written.if you will excuse me i think i will go to my room now.i am not strong was the custom of the good ladies to protest that they never could understand agatha; but on this occasion they understood her sufficiently to know that they had trodden very near a dangerline which they were more than unwilling to cross.baillie pegram in his turn was by no means minded to submit to the manifest purpose of the oaks ladies that he should hear nothing about agatha, beyond what marshall pollard had reported to him during the two days of his stay at warlock.marshall had gone now, and baillie wrote in response to the second of the notes: i am getting well quite as rapidly as my best friends could wish.there is not the slightest occasion for uneasiness about me.i am even permitted to ride horseback a little.but i am exceedingly anxious for tidings of miss agatha, whom you have not mentioned in either of your notes.will you not send me word concerning her, or better still, if she is well enough to write, will you not ask her to send me a few lines? my gratitude to her for all that she has done for me is very great, and so is my anxiety to know that she is recovering from the painful illness which was caused by her generous selfsacrifice in my agatha had asked her aunts not to read to her their letters to the master of warlock, those ladies chose to interpret her request as including his letter to them.they made no mention of the fact that he had written to make inquiries concerning her.she wondered a little that he had not done so, but on the whole, she argued, it was better so.baillie was not so easily pleased.he chafed when the next note came from the oaks, bringing no tidings from agatha, and when still another of like character followed it, he grew uneasy, lest the silence might mean that agatha had herself forbidden all mention of her in letters from the oaks.she is taking that method, probably, he argued, of dismissing me again, and letting me know that i must not presume upon the service she has done me.what a fool i am, to be sure! i have been reckoning upon her devotion to me in my illness and captivity as proof that what i brutally blurted out at fairfax courthouse was not unwelcome to her after all.with her quick feminine perceptions, she has discovered how i have been misinterpreting her duty doing, and she wants now to show me my error in the simplest way he meditated, the soldier impulse in him asserted itself,the impulse to dare the worst in the hope of achieving the best.acting upon that impulse he immediately wrote a note to agatha, and sent it by sam, with orders to deliver it to her in person, if possible, and at all events to ask for an answer and fetch it
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