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in diameter and 3 inches 9 cm in thickness wi

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) in diameter and 3¼ inches (9 cm.) in thickness without a definite rind, and when ripe enough for market is scraped carefully, closely covered with tinfoil and kept in refrigerators.the cut cheese shows extensive open spaces which are lined with green mold.this cheese, in addition to a strong cheesy odor and taste, has a peppery or burning quality which according to currie[65] is due to the formation of volatile fatty acids such as caproic, caprylic and capric from the butterfat of the sheeps milk used.a series for roquefort cheeses selected for excellent quality was found by dox[66] to show the following composition: table iv composition of roquefort cheese ========================================================= water fatproteinash salt per perperper per centcent cent centcent +++++ average38.69 32.3121.396.144.14 minimum37.49 31.5019.145.183.64 maximum40.10 33.5323.066.814.88 ========================================================= the composition of the sheeps milk of the roquefort producing region is reported by marre:[67] table v composition of sheeps milk ============================================================= watercaseinfat lactose ash perperper per per cent cent centcentcent +++++ range 7683 585.510.54 to 5 0.81.2 average 4.51.0 ============================================================= the cheeses when properly made in the local factories are transported to roquefort for ripening in the famous caves which have made possible the development of a great industry.the roquefort caves were originally natural openings leading back into the face of a cliff until they reached a deep, narrow fault or crack in the rock leading to the plains above.the cooler air from the plains came down this crack over moist and dripping rocks and issued through these clefts in a cold moistureladen current which kept the caves about 50 to 55° f.and moist enough to ripen the cheeses without the business outgrew the natural caves, great cellars, some of them five or six floors deep, were excavated and tunnels were dug back to the crack so that the strong ventilating current reaches every part of the cellars and keeps both temperature and relative humidity favorable to the ripening of the cheeses.+168.cows milk or façons roquefort.+the supply of roquefort is automatically limited by the supply of sheeps milk.the sheep gives milk only about five months in the year and at best a scant average of about a pint a day to a sheep.sheeps milk for cheesemaking is not produced, therefore, outside of very limited regions.some cows and goats milk unavoidably finds its way regularly into the industry itself.attempts were naturally made to substitute cows milk.outside the controlled area, factories were established for this purpose.the quality of the product did not equal that of the roquefort factories, and french courts decreed that the name roquefort should not be used for such products.although some local success was obtained, not much progress was made against the intrenched roquefort industry.similar attempts to make such a product in germany[68] were tried on an extensive scale but failed.more recently, under the inspiration of conn, the united states department of agriculture and the storrs experiment station have studied the possibilities of such an industry.although the work is not completed, the preliminary reports[69] have indicated the fundamental principles which must underlie such development.+169.outline of making roquefort.+some of the results of these experiments are summarized in the following paragraphs: _milk._cleanflavored fresh milk testing 44
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