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emery had talents but they were more showy than s

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emery had talents, but they were more showy than solid.he was goodnatured and full of life and spirits, and having plenty of money, spent it freely.he was, however, easily led, and had in consequence done many foolish things, which got him into trouble, though he managed, on the whole, to maintain a tolerably good character.lance and emery were on friendly terms; and lance, who thought he saw good qualities in his companion, would gladly have won his confidence, but emery did not like what he called lances lectures, and there was very little or no interchange of thought between them.without it real friendship can scarcely be said to exist.they were, however, looked upon as school friends, and certainly lance would at all times have been ready to do a friendly act for emery.emery was somewhat of a fine gentleman in his way.his father was a tradesman in the place, and wished his son to assist him in his business, but emery often spoke of entering the army or one of the liberal professions.he therefore considered himself equal to those whose fathers held a higher social grade than his own.his fathers style of life encouraged him in dulman had a handsome house, and gave dinners and parties; and at elections took a leading part, and entertained the proposed member and his friends, and indeed sometimes talked of entering parliament himself, and altogether did a good deal to excite the envy of his less successful fellowtownsmen.emery constantly invited lance to his house, and was really flattered when he came; for lances father, who had died when he was very young, was a lieutenant in the navy; and his widowed mother, though left with only her pension to depend on, was a lady by birth and education.lance, however, very frequently refused emerys pressing invitations.i never met such a stayathome fellow as you are, exclaimed the latter, when on one occasion lance had declined attending a gay party mr and mrs dulman were about to give.we shall have half the neighbourhood presentmr perkins, our member, and i dont know how many other grandeesand we want some young fellows like you, who can dance and do the polite.mother says i must get you, for we dont know what to do for proper partners for the young ladies.i should have been happy to make myself useful, answered lance, laughing; but i am no great dancer, and my poor mother is so unwell that i cannot leave her.oh, she has got little maddie hayward to look after her, so i will come and get her to let you off.i beg that you will not make the attempt, answered lance, more gravely than he had hitherto mother is seriously ill; besides i have work to do, and any time i can spare i must devote to her.oh, but a little gaiety will do you good, and you can cheer her up with an account of the party, persisted emery.lance was, however, firm, and he returned in a thoughtful mood to his humble little cottage in the outskirts of the town.a sweet fair face met him at the jessaminecovered porchthat of a girl three or four years younger than would not have been surprising had he preferred her society to that of the fine ladies his friend had spoken of, though he certainly was not conscious that this had in any degree influenced him.madelene hayward was indeed a lovely young creature, sweettempered and good as she was beautiful.she was the orphan child of a distant relative of lieutenant loughton.having been left, when still an infant, utterly destitute, she had been adopted by the kindhearted officer at his wifes earnest wish, and brought up as their daughter, although their own scanty means might have excused them in the eyes of the world had they declined the responsibility.mrs loughton had devoted herself to maddies education, and the young girl repaid her with the most tender love.some time before this mrs loughtons old servant had married, and maddie had persuaded her not to engage another in her place, consenting only that a woman should come in to light the fires and do the rougher work which she was less able to perform.while mrs loughton was well, she herself attending to what was necessary, maddies duties were not very heavy, but since her illness they had of necessity much increased.though she tried not to let lance discover how hard she worked, he knew that her attendance on his mother must occupy the chief part of her time.his aim was therefore to relieve her as much as possible.where there is a will there is a way.he soon learned to clean his shoes, and purchasing needles and thread and worsted, to mend his clothes and darn his socks; and maddie was surprised to find one morning that his bed was made and his room set to rights, when she was sure that dame judkin had not gone into it.she found him out at last, and reproachfully asked why he had not given her his torn coat to mend, and a pair of socks which she had discovered darned in a curious fashion.i wanted to try if i could not do it, he answered, smiling.just look at that sleevei defy it to tear again in the same place.perhaps so, but as every one can see that there has been a rent, i shall be accused of being a very bad tailoress, and i am afraid you will find an uncomfortable lump in the heel of your, dear lance, bring the next pair requiring mending to me, and i will find time to dam them.few could fail to admire madelene is our mother? asked lance, taking her hand, as he found her waiting for him in the porch of their little cottage.she has at last dropped off to sleep; but she has been in much pain all the day, answered maddie.and, o lance!i sometimes fear that she will not recover.yet our lives are in gods hands, and we can together pray, if he thinks fit, that hers may be preserved for our sakesi cannot say for her own, as i am sure, resting on the merits of him who died for sinners, she is ready to go hence to enjoy that happiness he has prepared for those who love him.but, maddie, do you really think mother is so ill? asked lance, with an anxious look.i know that when she is taken, the change to her must be a blessed one; but, maddie, what would become of you? he spoke in a tone which showed the grief which madelenes announcement had caused him.i have not thought about myself, she answered wish was to prepare you for what i dread may occur, and to ask you to join your prayer with mine that god will in his mercy allow her to remain longer with us.he can do all things, and the prayer of faith availeth much.i am sure it does, said lance
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