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boat ahoy yelled a voice from the deck lower your sail and come up under my lee

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boat, ahoy, yelled a voice from the deck.lower your sail, and come up under my lee.maurice and neal obeyed.the sea was rougher than it had been near the shore.the boat, when maurice had made fast the rope flung to him, plunged up and down beside the brig, and needed careful handling to prevent her being damaged.the crew looked over the side with eager curiosity.say, boys, said the captain, what will you take for your fish? ill trade with you.i dont want to sell them, said maurice.ill give them to you.his voice and accent, his refusal to barter, betrayed the fact that he was a gentleman.i guess, said the captain, that youre an aristocrat, a british aristocrat, too proud to take the money of the men who whipped you in the states.thats an irish gentleman, said maurice.well, gentleman, if youre too darned aristocratic to trade, ill give you a present of a case of good virginia, and you may give me a present of your call it a swap, but if that turns your stomach ill let you call it a mutual present, an expression of international goodwill.fling him up the fish, neal, said maurice.then another man appeared beside the captain on the quarterdeck.he was not a seafaring man.he was lean and yellow, and had keen grey eyes.his face seemed in some way familiar to neal, though he could not recollect having ever seen the man before.yon are the causeway cliffs, he said, and yons pleaskin head, and the islands we passed are the skerries? you know this coast, said neal.i knew this coast, young man, before your mother had the dandling of you.i know it now, though its five and twenty years since i set foot on it.but thats not the question.what i want to know is this.can you put me ashore? i could do well if you land me at the make shift with my bag if you put me out at port ballintrae.i dont want to be going on to glasgow just for the pleasure of coming back again.ill land you at the black rock under runkerry, said maurice, if you can pull an oar.the winds rising, and ive no mind to carry idle passengers.i can pull an oar, said the stranger.i guess he can pull enough to break your back, young man, said the captain.hes an american citizen, and hes been engaged in whipping your british army.i guess an american citizen can lick a darned aristocrat at pulling an oar same as he did at shooting off guns.shut your damned mouth, said maurice, suddenly angry, or ill leave you to land your passenger yourself and see how you like beating the bottom out of your brig against our rocks.youll find an irish rock harder than your yankee wood.the passenger fetched a small handbag and lowered it into the boat.under a shower of jibes from the captain, maurice and neal pushed off and started for the row home against the wind.chapter ii the passenger took his seat in the bow of the boat and stripped off his coat in readiness to pull an oar.but no oar was offered to him.maurice st.clair seemed to have entirely forgotten the strangers presence.the remarks of the american captain had angered him, and his mind worked on the insults hurled at him in parting.neal was angry, too.they pulled viciously at the oars.from time to time maurice broke out fiercely an unmannerly brute! i wish i had him somewhere off the deck of his teach him how to speak to a that his filthy tobacco at your feet, browneyes? pitch it overboard.i suppose hes a specimen of the republican breed
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