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the stature and proportions of asrael are so great

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the stature and proportions of asrael are so great that his eyes are seventy thousand days journey apart, the one from the other.khaled stood motionless during ten months and thirteen days, waiting until asrael should rest from his writing and look towards him.then came the holy night called al kadr, the night of peace in which the koran came down from heaven.asrael paused, and raising his eyes from the scroll saw khaled standing before him.asrael knew khaled, who was one of the genii converted to the faith on hearing mohammed read the koran by night in the valley al nakhlah.he wondered, however, when he saw him standing in his presence; for the genii are not allowed to pass even the gate of the first heaven, in which the stars hang by chains of gold, each star being inhabited by an angel who guards the entrance against the approach of devils.asrael looked at khaled in displeasure, therefore, supposing that he had eluded the heavenly sentinels and concealed an evil purpose.but khaled inclined himself respectfully.there is no allah but allah.mohammed is the prophet of allah, he said, thus declaring himself to be of the moslem genii, who are upright and are true camest thou hither? asked the will of allah, who sent his angel with me to the gate, khaled answered.i am come hither that thou mayest write down my name in the book of life and death, that i may be a man on earth, and after an appointed time thou shalt blot it out again and i shall die.asrael gazed at him and knew that this was the will of allah, for the angels are thus immediately made conscious of the divine commands.he took up his pen to write, but before he had traced the first letter he paused.this is the night al kadr, he said.if thou wilt, tell me therefore thy story, for i am now at leisure to hear it.thou knowest that i am of the upright genii, khaled answered, and i am well disposed towards the city of riad, in arabia, there rules a powerful king, the sultan of the kingdom of nejed, blessed in all things save that he has no son to inherit his vast daughter only has been born to him in his old age, of such marvellous beauty that even the black eyed virgins enclosed in the fruit of the tree sedrat, who wait for the coming of the faithful, would seem but mortal women beside her.her eyes are as the deep water in the wells of zobeideh when it is night and the stars are reflected therein.her hair is finer than silk, red with henna, and abundant as the foliage of the young cypress tree.her face is as fair as the kernels of young almonds, and her mouth is sweeter than the mellow date and more fragrant than ood mingled with ambergris.she possesses moreover all the virtues which become women, for she is as modest as she is beautiful and as charitable as she is modest.from all parts of arabia and egypt, and from syria and from persia, and even from samarkand, from afghanistan, and from india princes and kings sons continually come to ask her in marriage, for the fame of her beauty and of her virtues is as wide as the world.but her father, desiring only her happiness, leaves the choice of a husband to herself, and for a long time she refused all her suitors.for there is in the palace at riad a certain secret chamber from which she can observe all those who come and hear their conversation and see the gifts which they bring with last there came as a suitor an unbeliever, a prince of an island by the shores of india, beautiful as the moon, whose speech was honey, and who surpassed all the suitors in riches and in the magnificence of the presents he brought.for he came bearing with him a hundred pounds weight of pure gold, and five hundred ounces of ambergris, and a great weight of musk and aloes and sandal wood, and rich garments without number, and many woven shawls of kashmir, of which the least splendid was valued at a thousand sherifs of innumerable retinue accompanied him, and twenty elephants, and horses without number, besides camels.the sultans daughter beheld this beautiful prince from her secret hidingplace, and all that he had brought with him.the sultan received him with kindness and hospitality, but assured him that unless he would renounce idolatry and embrace the true faith he could not hope to succeed in his purpose.thereupon he was much cast down, and soon afterwards, having received magnificent gifts in his turn, he would have departed on his way, disappointed and heavy at heart.but zehowah sent for her father and entreated him to bid the young prince remain.for it is not impossible, she said, that he may yet be converted to the true faith.and have i the right to refuse to sacrifice my freedom when the sacrifice may be the means of converting an idolater to the right way? and if i marry him and go with him to his kingdom, shall we not make true believers of all his subjects, so that i shall deserve to be called the mother of the faithful like ayesha, beloved by the prophet, upon whom be peace? the sultan found it hard to oppose this argument which was founded upon virtue and edified in righteousness.he therefore entreated the indian prince to remain and to profess islam, promising the hand of zehowah when he should be converted.then i heard the prince taking secret counsel with a certain old man who was with him, who shaved his face and wore white clothing and ate food which he prepared for himself alone.the prince told all, and then the old man counselled him in this way.speak whatsoever words they require of thee, he said, for words are but garments wherewith to make the nakedness of truth modest and agreeable.and take the woman, and by and by, when we are returned to our own land, if she consent to worship thy gods, it is good; and if not, it is yet good, for thou shalt possess her as thy wife, and her unbelief shall be of consequence only to her own soul, but thy soul shall not be retarded in its progress.and the young prince was pleased, and promised to do as his counsellor advised i saw that he was false and that zehowahs righteousness would be but the means to her sorrow if she were allowed to persist.therefore in the night, when all were asleep in the palace, i entered into the room where the prince was lying, and i took him in my arms and flew with him to the midst of the red desert, and there i slew him and buried him in the sand, for i saw that he was a liar and had determined to be a hypocrite.but allah immediately sent an angel to destroy me because i had put to death a man who was about to become a believer, thereby killing his soul also, since he had not yet made profession of the faith.but i stood up and defended myself, saying that i had slain a hypocrite who had planned in his heart to carry away the daughter of a moslem.then the angel asked the truth of the princes soul, which was sitting upon the red sand that covered the body.the soul answered, weeping, and said: these are true words, and i am fuel for hell.have i then deserved death? i asked.i have killed an unbeliever
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