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devereux as they sat on the verandah in the hushe

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devereux, as they sat on the verandah in the hushed southern night, while pollies sweet voice trilled nightingalelike through the odorous breath of the rose and the orange bloom.he heard how she had been deceived, wounded in her tenderest feelings, and was now deserted and left desolate.when he thought of her lying wearily on a bed of sickness, wan and wasted, heartsore and despairing, he could not repress a malediction upon the head of the man who had received such unstinted kindness at the hands of the speaker, and had thus repaid it.when the tale was finished he took her hand and pressed it silently.the poor child has suffered deeply, he said; but matters are best as they are.who knows but that deeper, more irrevocable misery might have been her lot had she not been warned in time? i mourn over the change in her, but she is returning to her old ways, and the memory of her sorrow will become yet more faint.her youth and pride, with the resources at her command, will enable her to divest herself of all trace of what was one of the inevitable mistakes of think then that she acted rightly in refusing to see him again? unquestionably; no other course was possible.i never thought him worthy of her.but he was her choice, and as a man of honour i could not disparage him, even had i any other grounds than those of mere taste and prejudice, which i had not.the event has proved that my instinctive distrust was correct.i need not tell you how i rejoice that she is again free and unfettered.he said no more.the summer had passed.the nights became longer, colder.the calm, peaceful, autumnal season, which in this south land brings no fall of the leaf, commenced to herald the mild but wellmarked winter of the was the indian summer of their old, peaceful corindah life.they rode, and walked, and drove together, the three friends, much as in the old days before the advent of the disturbing stranger from beyond the sea.then harold atherstone had been the favourite companion of the girl, the trusted friend and counsellor of the elder woman.the _bon vieux temps_ had returned.once more the heavens were bright, and the stormcloud had disappeared with the tempest which had so nearly wrecked the frail bark of a womans happiness.and yet both were changed.the girl, mild and pensive, was almost humble in mien.all her wilfulness and obstinacy had departed.a deeper, more reasoning spirit of advance and inquiry seemed to possess her, to mould her every action and thought.he, on the other hand, had acquired broader views of life, and had seriously modified many of his earlier opinions.but their parting was near.harold received a telegram, without warning or notice, which necessitated instant action.his presence was again required at the far north, where everything was going on as badly as could be imagined.the chief manager lay dying of fever, the blacks were troublesome, and becoming emboldened, had commenced to scatter off the mend matters, a drought of unprecedented severity had set in.if mr.atherstone did not go out, the telegram stated, the whole enterprise might be wrecked, and ruinous loss accrue to first he rebelled, swore stoutly, indeed, that he would not go.he would let things take their course.he was happy where he was, and there was no reason why he should risk his life and tempt again the dangers of the waste.however, cooler reflection decided him to take the field as a duty to his comrades in the enterprise, as well as to the shareholders, who had risked their money perhaps on the guarantee of his known judgment and reputation for management.he made his preparations quickly, as was his wont, bade farewell to corindah and its inmates, and set off on the long, hazardous journey.somehow corindah seemed more lonely than ever.he had been very kind and thoughtful as a brother, but no word of warmer admiration had passed his lips.pollie pursued her tasks and occupations with accustomed regularity, but was more unequal in her spirits than day her mother surprised her in tears.a letter had been received from harold, and the tone of it had aroused her from habitual indifferentism.why is he always so studiously cool and brotherly? she said, with something of her old impetuosity.does he think that i am likely to misconstrue his feelings? that he requires to keep a guard over his expressions? but i know how it is.he has met some one else in that far country.he spoke of some english families settled there.i have lost his love, which once was so truly mine.i despised it i am rightly punished by contempt and desertion
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