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atherstone was in queensland.oh, was he? then it was some one came to the same thing.finally the torrent of popular criticism subsided, to settle down into a trickling rill of authentic ran to the effect that bertram devereux had been bequeathed money by a relative, and had for some reason or other left suddenly for was neither the next day nor the next week after bertrams departure that pollie reappeared in her accustomed place, to lead her old life at corindah.a weary time of illness supervened, and when the girl crept down to the drawingroom sofa to be shawled, and nursed, and petted for being graciously pleased to be better, she was but the shadow of her former marked a mental change had apparently taken place, for she was mild and patient, piteously subdued in tone and different from the wilful spoilt beauty who had turned so many heads, and who paid so little heed to good advice! you will have a better daughter in the time to come, mother, she said, as she clasped the matrons neck with arms that were sadly shrunken from their former lovely roundness.i have had time to think over my past folly, to know who are my truest friends; and then both wept and embraced each other, as is the way of womenthe mother thankful to heaven for the recovery of her child, the child softened by suffering and chastened by the near approach of the death angel.harold atherstone had been far away in northern queensland during this eventful time.he had apparently needed stronger excitement than the everyday life of a prosperous, longsettled station; so he had elected to report upon an immense tract of country west of the red barcoo, which, taken up by a pioneer squatter some years back, had passed into the hands of a syndicate, of which he was a, from one cause or another, it fell out that corindah seemed to be more solitary, not to say monotoned, than it had ever been before.the visitors who came were of the occasional, transitory sort; all their old friends seemed to have mysteriously vanished.the rev.cyril courtenay was the only one of their _habitués_ who did not fail them.he made his monthly visitation, when, indeed, mrs.devereux was more than usually glad to see him.he was sympathetic in his manner, as divining that something unusual had affected his friends.with tact, as well as sincerity, he drew forth an admission of grief.this done, he essayed to lead their thoughts to the healer of all mortal sorrow, the bearer of burdens, the consoler in time of trouble.he dwelt upon the unsatisfactory nature of all earthly pleasures, the disappointment inseparably connected with mere worldly aspirations, the only sure hope of forgiveness of sins, the need of repentance, the certainty of at the time of pain and anguish, of fear and danger, the physician attains a status which in the heedless hours of health is withheld, so, in the hour of the minds sickness, the physician of souls is welcomed and revered.urged to lengthen his stay, the rev.cyril gladly consented to remain over the ensuing sunday.his ministrations, he thought, had never been so appreciated before at corindah.and when he quitted the locality his heart beat high with the consciousness that he had aided the consolation of the dearest friends and best supporters of the church _in sicco_, while a yet more daring thought caused his colourless cheek to burn and his pulses to throb with unwonted speed.the summer days grew longer and longer.the fever heat of the season waxed more and more intense.the still air grew tremulous with the quivering, ardent sunrays.yet no suggestion was made by pollie to go to the seaside or to call the ocean breezes to aid her recovered health.her mother would have rushed off directly the great event of the year was over, but the girl would not hear of, mother dear, she said, i have sinned and suffered.i have been wilful and headstrong.let me remain and mortify the flesh for a do not mind the heat, i know, and i am strong enough now to bear it in the dear old place where i was born.we may have many a year to live here together yet, and i may as well commence to accustom myself to the two women laid their account to remain patiently at home till the following summer, and pollie set resolutely to work to utilise all her resources, natural and acquired.she commenced to be more methodical in the appointment of her time.she rose early and took exercise in the fresh morning air, before the sun had gained powerthe truest hygienic rule in the torrid zone.she read and did needlework at appointed hours, and resolutely set herself to perfect her knowledge of french and german.she kept up her music, vocal and instrumental, though it was long ere her voice recovered from a certain tremulous tendency, far different from the rich, full tones soaring upwards like the skylark to perilous altitudes unharmed.she rode regularly, or drove her mother out in the light american carriages which no station is now without.she visited the wives and children of the employees, showing a more considerate and intelligent interest in their welfare than had been before observable.mother, said the girl, as they sat together on the verandah in the waning summertime, when a south wind speeding from the coast had unexpectedly cooled the air, i wont say that i was never so happy before; but i dont think i ever was so fully occupied.there is, no doubt, a sense of relief and satisfaction to be gained when one does what one can; i never thought i should feel like this again.let us have faith and patience, my darling, said the mother, looking into her childs eyes with the measureless fondness of earlier days, and happiness will still come to us.only persevere in the duties that lie nearest to his own good time god will reward and bless you.after all, there are many good things in this life yet remaining
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