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nowas a writin manwhat would you say? queried the senatorbartley

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now, as a writin man, what would you say? queried the senator. bartley gazed at the label on the bottle under discussion. well, as a writer, i might say that it depends how far you travel up or down green river. but as a mere individual enjoying the blessings of companionship, i should say, lets experiment, judiciously. fetch a couple more glasses, tom, called the senator. after the essential formalities, bartley pushed back his chair, crossed one leg over the other, and lighted a cigar. im rather inclined toward that joy in the hills theory, just now, he asserted. thats all right, said lon pelly. bein a little inclined dont hurt any. but if you keep on reachin for joy, your foot is like to slip. then comes trouble. lons qualified for the finals once or twice, said the senator. now, take _me_, for a horrible example. i been navigatin green river, off and on, for quite a spell, and i never got hung up bad. speaking of rivers, theyre rather scarce in this country, i believe, said bartley. yes. but some of em are noticeable in the rainy season, stated senator steve. but you aint seen arizona. youve only been peekin through your fingers at her. wait till you get on a cayuse and hit the trail for a few hundred milesthats the only way to see the country. now, take cheyenne. he rides this here country from utah to the border, and he can tell you somethin about arizona. cheyenne is a kind of hobo puncher that rides the country with his little old packhorse, stoppin by to work for a grubstake when he has to, but ramblin most of the time. he used to be a tophand once. worked for me a spell. but he cant stay in one place long. wish you could meet him sometime. he can tell you more about this state than any man i know. hes what you might call a character for a story. he stops by regular, at the ranch, mebby for a day or two, and then takes the trail, singin his little old song. hes kind of a outdoor poet. makes up his own songs. what was that one about arizona that you gave em over to the state house onct? queried lon pelly. oh, that want cheyennes own potry. it was one he read in a magazine that he gave me. lets see arizona! the tramp of cattle, the biting dust and the raw, red brand: shuffling sheep and the smoke of battle: the upturned faceand the empty hand. dawn and dusk, and the wide world singing, songs that thrilled with the pulse of life, as we clattered down with our rein chains ringing to woo youbut never to make you wife. the senator smiled a trifle apologetically. theres more of it. but potry aint just in my line. once in a while i bust loose on potrythat is, my kind of potry. and i want to say that we sure clattered down from the butte and the blue in the old days, with our rein chains jinglin, thinkinsome of usthat arizona was ours to fareyewell. but we oldtimers lived to find out that arizona was too young to get married yet; so we just had to set back and kind of admire her, after havin courted her an amazin lot, in our young days. the senator chuckled. now, lon, here, hell tell you that there aint no potry in this here country. and i never knew they was till i got time to set back and think over what we unbranded yearlins used to do. for instance? queried bartley. senator steve waved his pudgy hand as though shooing a flock of chickens off a front lawn. if i was to tell you some of the things that happened, you would think i was a heap sight bigger liar than i am. seein some of them yarns in print, folks around this country would say: steve browns corralled some tenderfoot and loaded him to the muzzle with shin tangle and ancient history! things that would seem amazin to you would never ruffle the hair of the mavericks that helped make this country
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