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wellhe was readylittle jimwho had been gazing wistfully at smiler

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well, he was ready. little jim, who had been gazing wistfully at smiler, suddenly strode to his pack and sat down. he bit his lips. tears welled to his eyes and drifted slowly down his cheeks. he had not intended to let himself weepbut there was smiler, wagging his thick tail, waiting to go. i ggguess you better go ahead and hit the trail, dad. why, thats what were going to do. what big jim glanced at his boy. whats the matter? little jim did not answer, but his attitude spoke for itself. he had decided to stay with smiler. big jim frowned. it was the first time that the boy had ever openly rebelled. and because it was the first time, big jim realized its significance. yet, such loyalty, even to a dog, was worth while. big jim put his hand on little jims shoulder. smilerll get sore feet on the trails, jimmy. and there wont be a whole lot to eat. little jim blinked up at his father. well, he can have half of my grub, and i reckon i can pack him on the saddle with me if his feet get tender. all right. but dont blame me if smiler peters out on the trip. smilers tough, he is! stated little jim. hes so tough he bites barb wire. anyhow, you said we was goin to take it easy. and he can catch rabbits, i guess. perhaps he wont want to come along, suggested big jim as he pulled up a cincha and slipped the end through the ring. little jim beckoned to smiler who had stood solemnly listening to the controversy about himself as though he understood. smiler trotted over to jimmy. you want to take it plumb easy on this trip, said little jim, and not go to chasin around and runnin yourself ragged gettin nowhere. if you get sore feet, well just have to beef you and hang your hide on the fence. smiler grinned and wagged his tail. he pushed up and suddenly licked little jims face. little jim promptly cuffed him. smiler came back for more. big jim turned and watched the boy and the dog in their roughandtumble about the yard. he blinked and turned back to the horses. come on, jimmy. were all set. got to throw my pack on ole lazy, dad. gimme a hand, will you? little jim never would admit that he could not do anything there was to be done. when he was stuck he simply asked his father to help him. big jim slung up the small pack and drew down the hitch. little jim ducked under lazy and took the rope on the other side, passing the end to his father. reckon that packll ride all right, said the boy, surveying the outfit. got the _morrals_ and everything, dad? all set, jimmy. then lets go. i got my ole twentytwo loaded. if we run on to one of them stingin lizards, hes sure a sconer. does dogs eat lizards? big jim swung to the saddle and hazed the old packhorse ahead. dont know, jimmy
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