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thocanst not be called to such a trial: but canst thou not shewthat

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tho canst not be called to such a trial: but canst thou not shew, that if thou wert, thou couldst have acted greatly, if not so greatly?sir charles grandison is just: he ought to prefer to thee the excellent clementina. priority of claim, compassion for the noble sufferer, merits so superior!i love him for his merits: shall i not love merits, nearly as great, in one of my own sex? the struggle will cost thee something: but go down, and try to be above thyself. banished to thy retirement, to thy pillow, thought i, be all the girl. often have i contended for the dignity of my sex; let me now be an example to myself, and not unworthy in my own eyes (when i come to reflect) of an union, could it have been effected, with a man whom a clementina looked up to with hope. my cousin being withdrawn, and sir charles approaching me, i attempted to assume a dignity of aspect, without pride; and i spoke, while spirit was high in me, and to keep myself up to itmy heart bleeds, sir, for the distresses of your clementina: [yes, lucy, i said your clementina:] beyond expression i admire the greatness of her behaviour; and most sincerely lament her distresses. what, that is in the power of man, cannot sir charles grandison do? you have honoured me, sir, with the title of sister. in the tenderness of that relation, permit me to say, that i dread the effects of the generals petulance: i feel next for you the pain that it must give to your humane heart to be once more personally present to the woes of the inimitable clementina: but i am sure you did not hesitate a moment about leaving all your friends here in england, and resolving to hasten over to try, at least, what can be done for the noble sufferer. had he praised me highly for this my address to him, it would have looked, such was the situation on both sides, as if he had thought this disinterested behaviour in me, an extraordinary piece of magnanimity and selfdenial; and, of consequence, as if he had supposed i had views upon him, which he wondered i could give up. his is the most delicate of human minds. he led me to my seat, and taking his by me, still holding my passive handever since i have had the honour of miss byrons acquaintance, i have considered her as one of the most excellent of women. my heart demands alliance with hers, and hopes to be allowed its claim; though such are the delicacies of situation, that i scarcely dare to trust myself to speak upon the subject. from the first, i called miss byron my sister; but she is more to me than the dearest sister; and there is a more tender friendship that i aspire to hold with her, whatever may be the accidents, on either side, to bar a further wish: and this i must hope, that she will not deny me, so long as it shall be consistent with her other attachments. he paused. i made an effort to speak: but speech was denied me. my face, as i felt, glowed like the fire before me. my heart, resumed he, is ever on my lips. it is tortured when i cannot speak all that is in it. professions i am not accustomed to make. as i am not conscious of being unworthy of your friendship, i will suppose it; and further talk to you of my affairs and engagements, as that tender friendship may warrant. sir, you do me honour, was all i could say. i had a letter from the faithful camilla. i hold not a correspondence with her: but the treatment that her young lady met with, of which she had got some general intimations, and some words that the bishop said to her, which expressed his wishes, that i would make them one more visit at bologna, urged her to write, begging of me, for heavens sake, to go over. but unless one of the family had written to me, and by consent of others of it, what hope had i of a welcome, after i had been as often refused, as i had requested while i was in italy, to be admitted to the presence of the lady, who was so desirous of one interview more? especially, as mrs. beaumont gave me no encouragement to go, but the contrary, from what she observed of the inclinations of the family. mrs. beaumont is still of opinion, as in the conclusion of the letter before you, that i should not go, unless the general and the marquis join their requests to those of the marchioness, the bishop, and father marescotti. but i had no sooner perused the bishops letter, than i wrote, that i would most cheerfully comply with his wishes: but that i should be glad that i might not be under any obligation to go further than bologna; where i might have the happiness to attend my jeronymo, as well as his sister. i had a little twitch at my heart, lucy. i was sorry for it: but my judgment was entirely with him. and now, madam, you will wonder, that you see not any preparations for my departure. all is prepared: i only wait for the company of one gentleman, who is settling his affairs with all expedition to go with me. he is an able, a skilful surgeon, who has had great practice abroad, and in the armies: and having acquired an easy fortune, is come to settle in his native country. my jeronymo expresses himself dissatisfied with his surgeons. if mr. lowther can be of service to him, how happy shall i think myself! and if my presence can be a means to restore the noble clementinabut how dare i hope it?and yet i am persuaded, that in her case, and with such a temper of mind, (unused to hardship and opposition as she had been,) the only way to recover her, would have been by complying with her in every thing that her heart or head was earnestly set upon: for what controul was necessary to a young lady, who never, even in the height of her malady, uttered a wish or thought that was contrary to her duty either to god, or her parents; nor yet to the honour of her name; and, allow me, madam, to say, to the pride of her sex? i am under an obligation to go to paris, proceeded he, from the will of my late friend mr. danby. i shall stop there for a day or two only, in order to put things in a way for my last hand, on my return from italy. when i am in italy, i shall, perhaps, be enabled to adjust two or three accounts that stand out, in relation to the affairs of my ward. this day, at dinner, i shall see mrs. oldham, and her sons; and in the afternoon, at tea, mrs. ohara, and her husband, and captain salmonet. tomorrow, i hope for the honour of your company, madam, and mr. and mrs. reevess at dinner; and be so good as to engage them for the rest of the day. you must not deny me; because i shall want your influence upon charlotte, to make her fix lord gs happy day, that i may be able to see their hands united before i set out; as my return will be uncertain ah, lucy! more twitches just then! thursday next is the day fixed for the triple marriage of the danbys. i have promised to give miss danby to mr. galliard, and to dine with them and their friends at enfield. if i can see my lord w and charlotte happy before i go, i shall be highly gratified. it is another of my wishes, to see my friend beauchamp in england first, and to leave him in possession of his fathers love, and of his motherinlaws civility. dr
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