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their talk was of mei am used to recite my own praisesyou know; an

  Amelia Earhart said in his book, The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. Above all, we need to solve the most important issue first. Bob Dylan argued that, What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do。
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  George Addair famously said that, Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. Confucius told us that, It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. As we all know, if it is important, we should seriously consider it。
  Amelia Earhart said in his book, The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. This was another part we need to consider. Henry David Thoreau argued that, Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined。
their talk was of me. i am used to recite my own praises, you know; and what signifies making a parade of apologies for continuing the use? i dont value myself so much as i once did on peoples favourable opinions. if i had a heart in my own keeping, i should be glad it was thought a good one; thats all. yet though it has littlenesses in it that i knew nothing of formerly, i hope it is not a bad one. my lord d, by the whole turn of the partial conversation, was led to expect a very extraordinary young woman. the lady declared, that she would have her talk out, and hear all my two cousins were inclined to say of me, before i was sent up to, as i was not below when they came. i was therefore to be seen only as a subject of curiosity. my lord had declared, it seems, that he would not be denied an introduction to me by his mother. but there were no thoughts of making any application to a girl whose heart was acknowledged not to be her own. my lords honour would not allow of such an intention. nor ought it. his impatience, however, hastened the message to me. the countess met me halfway, and embraced me. my lovely girl, how do you?my lord, said she, turning to the earl, i need not saythis is miss byron. he bowed low, and made me a very high compliment; but it had sense in it, though high, and above my merits. girls, writing of themselves on these occasions, must be disclaimers, you know: but, my dear uncle, what care i now for compliments? the man, from whose mouth only they could be acceptable, is not at liberty to make me any. the countess engaged me in an easy general conversation; part of which turned upon lord and lady l, miss grandison, and miss jervois, and how i had passed my time at colnebrook, in this wintry season, when there were so many diversions in town. but, said she, you had a man with you, who is the admiration of every man and woman, wherever he goes. is there no making an acquaintance, said my lord, with sir charles grandison? what i hear said of him, every time he is mentioned in company, is enough to fire a young man with emulation. i should be happy did i deserve to be thought of as a second or third man to sir charles grandison. i dare say, returned i, your lordships acquaintance would be highly acceptable to him. he is easy of access. men of rank, if men of merit, must be of kindred, and recognize one another the moment they meet. but sir charles will soon leave england. the fool sighed: it was, you may believe, involuntarily. i felt myself blush, and was the more silly for that. the countess took my handone word with you, my dearand led me out into the next room, and sitting down, made me sit on the same settee with her. o that i could call you daughter! began she at once; and turning half round to me, put one arm about me, with her other hand taking one of mine, and earnestly looking in my downcast face. i was silent. ah, lucy! had lady d been the mother of sir charles grandison, with what pleasure could i have listened to her! you said, my dear, that sir charles grandison will soon leave england: and then you sighedwill you be quite openhearted?may i ask you a question in hope that you will? i was silent: yet the word yes was on my lips. you have caused it to be told me, that your affections are engaged. this has been a cruel blow upon us. my lord, nevertheless, has heard so much of you, [he is really a good young man, my dear,] that (against my advice, i own,) he would have me introduce him into your company. i see by his looks, that he could admire you above all women. he never was in love: i should be sorry if he were disappointed in his first love. i hope his promised prudence will be his guard, if there be no prospect of his succeeding with youshe pausedi was still silent it will be a mark of your frankness of heart, my dear, if, when you take my full meaning, you prevent me speaking more than i need.i would not oppress you, my sweet lovesuch a delicacy, and such a frankness mingled, have i never seen in young womanbut tell me, my dear, has sir charles grandison made his addresses to you? it was a grievous question for me to answerbut why was it so, my lucy, when all the hopes i ever had, proceeded from my own presumption, confirmed (thats true, of late!) by his sisters partiality in my favour; and when his unhappy clementina has such a preferable claim? what says miss byron? she says, madam, that she reveres lady d, and will answer any questions that she puts to her, however affectingsir charles grandison has not. once i thought, proceeded she, that i never would make a second motion, were the woman a princess, who had confessed a prior love, or even liking: but the man is sir charles grandison, whom all women must esteem; and the woman is miss byron, whom all men must love. let me ask you, my dearhave you any expectation, that the first of men (i will call him so) and the loveliest and most amiableminded of women, can come together?you sighed, you know, when you mentioned, that sir charles was soon to leave england; and you own that he has not made addresses to you dont be uneasy, my love!we women, in these tender cases, see into each others hearts from small openingslook upon me as your mother what say you, love? your ladyship compliments me with delicacy and franknessit is too hard a question, if i have any of the first, to answer without blushes. a young woman to be supposed to have an esteem for a man, who has made no declarations, and whose behaviour to her is such only as shews a politeness to which he is accustomed, and only the same kind of tenderness as he shews to his sisters;and whom sometimes he calls sisteras ifah, madam, how can one answer? you have answered, my dear, and with that delicacy and frankness too, which make a principal part of your character. if my son (and he shall not be encouraged in his hopes, if he sees you not, mind as well as person, with his mothers eyes) should not be able to check himself by the apprehensions he has had reason for, of being but a second man in the favour of the object of his wishes [we, my dear, have our delicacies]; could you not allow him a second place in your favour, that might, in time, as he should merit, and as you should subdue your prepossessions, give him a first?hushmy dear, for one momentyour honour, your piety, are my just dependence; and will be his.and now speak: it is to me, my dear: speak your whole heart: let not any apprehended difficulty i am a woman as well as you. and prepared to indulge your goodness, madam, and nothing else, interrupted i, gives me lord d seems to me to be a man of merit, and not a disagreeable man in his person and manners. what he said of sir charles grandison, and of his emulation being fired by his example, gave him additional merit with me. he must have a good mind. i wish him acquainted with sir charles, for his own sake, and for the sake of the world, which might be benefited by his large power, so happily directed! but as to myself, i should forfeit the character of frankness of heart, which your ladyships goodness ascribes to me, if i did not declare, that although i cannot, and, i think ought not to entertain a hope with regard to sir charles grandison, since there is a lady who deserved him by severe sufferings before i knew him; yet is my heart so wholly attached, that i cannot think it just to give the least encouragement to any other proposal. you are an excellent young woman: but, my dear, if sir charles grandison is engagedyour mind will, it must change. few women marry their first loves. your heart o, madam! it is already a wedded heart: it is wedded to his merits; his merits will be always the object of my esteem: i can never think of any other, as i ought to think of the man to whom i give my hand
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