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generouscharming lady beauchamp! said i: now are you the womanwhom

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generous, charming lady beauchamp! said i: now are you the woman, whom i have so often heard praised for many good qualities: now will the portrait be a just one! sir harry was in raptures; but had like to have spoiled all, by making me a compliment on the force of example. be this, said i, the resultmr. beauchamp comes over. he will be pleased with whatever you do: at your feet, madam, he shall acknowledge your favour: my home shall be his, if you permit it: on me, he shall confer obligations; from you, he shall receive them. if any considerations of family prudence (there are such, and very just ones) restrain you from allowing him, at present, what your generosity would wish to do lady beauchamps colour was heightened: she interrupted mewe are not, sir charles, so scanty in our fortune well, my dear lady beauchamp, be all that as you will: not one retrospect of the past yes, sir charles, but there shall: his allowance has been lessened for some years; not from considerations of family prudencebutwell, tis all at an end, proceeded shewhen the young man returns, you, sir harry, for my sake, and for the sake of this strange unaccountable creature, shall pay him the whole arrear. now, my dear lady beauchamp, said i, listing her hand to my lips, permit me to give you joy. all doubts and misgivings so triumphantly got over, so solid a foundation laid for family harmonywhat was the moment of your nuptials to this? sir harry, i congratulate you: you may, and i believe you have been, as happy as most men; but now, you will be still happier. indeed, sir harry, said she, you provoked me in the morning: i should not else sir harry owned himself to blame; and thus the ladys pride was set down softly. she desired sir harry to write, before the day concluded, the invitation of return, to mr. beauchamp; and to do her all the credit in it that she might claim from the last part of the conversation; but not to mention any thing of the first. she afterwards abated a little of this right spirit, by saying, i think, sir harry, you need not mention any thing of the arrears, as i may call thembut only the future 600£. a year. one would surprise him a little, you know, and be twice thanked surprises of such a nature as this, my dear dr. bartlett; pecuniary surprises!i dont love themthey are double taxes upon the gratitude of a worthy heart. is it not enough for a generous mind to labour under a sense of obligation?pride, vainglory, must be the motive of such narrowminded benefactors: a truly beneficent spirit cannot take delight in beholding the quivering lip indicating the palpitating heart; in seeing the downcast countenance, the uplifted hands, and working muscles, of a fellowcreature, who, but for unfortunate accidents, would perhaps himself have had the will, with the power, of shewing a more graceful benevolence! i was so much afraid of hearing farther abatements of lady beauchamps goodness; so willing to depart with favourable impressions of her for her own sake; and at the same time so desirous to reach the hall that night; that i got myself excused, though with difficulty, staying to dine; and accepting of a dish of chocolate, i parted with sir harry and my lady, both in equal good humour with themselves and me. could you have thought, my dear friend, that i should have succeeded so very happily, as i have done, in this affair, and at one meeting? i think that the father and stepmother should have the full merit with our beauchamp of a turn so unexpected. let him not therefore ever see this letter, that he may take his impression of the favour done him, from that which sir harry will write to him. my cousin grandison, whom i hoped to find here, left the hall on tuesday last, though he knew of my intention to be down. i am sorry for it. poor everard! he has been a great while pretty good. i am afraid he will get among his old acquaintance; and then we shall not hear of him for some months perhaps. if you see him in town, try to engage him, till i return. i should be glad of his company to paris, if his going with me, will keep him out of harms way, as it is called. saturday, april 1. i have had compliments sent me by many of my neighbours, who had hoped i was come to reside among them. they professed themselves disappointed on my acquainting them, that i must go up early on monday morning. i have invited myself to their saturday assembly at the bowlinggreenhouse. our reverend friend mr. dobson has been so good as to leave with me the sermon he is to preach tomorrow on the opening of the church: it is a very good discourse: i have only exceptions to three or four compliments he makes to the patron in as many different places of it: i doubt not but he will have the goodness to omit them. i have already looked into all that has been done in the church; and all that is doing in the house and gardens. when both have had the direction and inspection of my dear dr. bartlett, need i say, that nothing could have been better? halden is just arrived from my lord, with a letter, which has enabled me to write to lady mansfield his lordships high approbation of all our proceedings; and that he intends some one early day in next week to pay to her, and miss mansfield, his personal compliments. he has left to me the article of settlements; declaring, that his regard for my future interest is all that he wishes may be attended to. i have therefore written, as from himself, that he proposes a jointure of 1200£. a year, pennyrents, and 300 guineas a year for her private purse; and that his lordship desires, that miss mansfield will make a present to her sister of whatever she may be entitled to in her own right. something was mentioned to me at mansfieldhouse of a thousand pounds left to her by a godmother. halden being very desirous to see his future lady, i shall, at his request, send the letter i have written to lady mansfield by him early in the morning; with a line recommending him to the notice of that lady as lord ws principal steward. adieu, my dear dr. bartlett: i have joy in the joy of all these good people. if providence graciously makes me instrumental to it, i look upon myself but as its instrument. i hope ostentation has no share in what draws on me more thanks and praises than i love to hear. lord w has a right to be made happy by his next relation, if his next relation can make him so. is he not my mothers brother? would not her enlarged soul have rejoiced on the occasion, and blessed her son for an instance of duty to her, paid by his disinterested regard for her brother? who, my dear dr. bartlett, is so happy, yet who, in some cases, so unhappy, as your charles grandison. letter ix miss byron, to miss selby monday, april 3. the countess of d, and the earl, her son, have but just left us. the countess sent last night, to let my cousin reeves know of their intended morning visit, and they came together. as the visit was made to my cousin, i did not think myself obliged to be in waiting for them below. i was therefore in my closet, comforting myself with my own agreeable reflections. they were there a quarter of an hour before i was sent to
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