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de peysters horror at the indignity changed to horrorof quite another

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de peysters horror at the indignity changed to horror of quite another sort; for the reverend mr. pyecroft was leaning confidentially close to her, eyes into hers, and was saying in a low voice: i suppose, miss thompson, you are not aware how much you look like a certain great lady, a famous social leader? to be explicit, like mrs. de peyster? she sank back, mere jelly with a human contour. so she was discovered! she rolled her eyes wildly toward matilda; matilda rolled wild eyes toward her. it is really a remarkable likeness, went on the low voice of the reverend mr. pyecroft. ive seen mrs. de peyster, you know; not more than six yards away; and the likeness struck me the very moment i saw you. you havent the grandduchess dignity she had on when i saw hersay, but you should have seen the figure she made!but its a wonderful coincidence. dressed right, and with some lofty spirit pumped into you, you could pass anywhere as mrs. de peyster, provided they did not know mrs. de peyster too intimately. that likeness is the foundation of my proposition. [illustration: it is really a remarkable likeness] mrs. de peyster stared at him, and began to clutch at consciousness. after all, was it possible that he hadnt recognized her as mrs. de peyster? perhaps he hadntfor every one knew mrs. de peyster was abroad, and, furthermore, all the social world yawned inimitably between mrs. de peyster and this apparent nobody that she was, in an obscure boardinghouse, and in a housekeepers gown. but if he hadnt recognized her, then what was he driving at? while she gazed she became aware of an amazing change in his face, of the possibility of which she had previously had only hints. the bland, elderish, clerical look faded; the face grew strangely young, the right corner of his mouth twisted upward, and his right eyelid drooped in a prodigious, unreverend wink. friend, he remarked, whats you two ladies game? our game? mrs. de peyster repeated blankly. now dont try to come miss innocence over me, he said easily. i sized you two up from the first minute, and ive been watching you ever since. the other one could get away with the housekeepers part o.k., but any one could see through your makeup. what are the bulls after you for? thethe what? oh, come,youre dodging the police, or why the disguise? he queried pleasantly. he picked up mrs. de peysters pearl pendant. housekeepers dont sport this kind of jewelry. what are you? housebreakerssneak thievesconfidence game? mrs. de peyster gaped at him. ii dont understand. its really a pretty fair front youre putting up, he commented with a dry indulgent smile. but might as well drop it, for you see im on. but i think i understand. he nodded. you dont want to admit anything until you feel you can trust me. thats about the size of it, isnt it, friends? mrs. de peyster stared, without speaking. now i know i can trust you, he went on easily, for ive got something on you and i give you away if you give me away. well, sisters, of course you know youre not the only people the police are after. thats why i am temporarily in the ministry. he grinned widelya grin of huge enjoyment. who are you? demanded mrs. de peyster. well, you dont hesitate to ask, do you? he laughed, lightly. say, its too good to keep! i always was too confiding a lad; but ive got you where you wont squeal, and i suppose weve got to know each other if were going to do business together
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